Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Invisible Sea

I sail the invisible sea
Unseen by you, unseen by me.
I now travel the pure white plains.
The red horizon where the sunshine reigns.

The sea below, the sea above.
I sail away from the home I love.
The plains above, the sea below.
I pass you by and you never know.

Once again I sail the sea.
Unseen by you, unseen by me.
Floating o'er the pure white plains.
The wind, it roars, I travel home again.

The sea above, the sea below.
Closer, closer to the home I know.
The lights below, the plains above.
Bring me home to my true love.

Should I sail again that sea,
Where birds swim softly 'neath of me.
Will I take you with me on those plains?
You, the home, the love, that within me reigns.

Feb. 2014  T. Mair