Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rock Opera - Dramatis Personae

I'm going to do something positive with this blog too.

I need somewhere to organize my thoughts and figure things out but here's something on the lighter side of that.  Some know that I've been working on a rock opera.  So I'm gonna post some stuff about that here.  it's weird and only loosely based on Greek mythology I change it whenever I feel like it.  Here are some characters from it.

Mercury Rising - The Opera

Dramatis Personae

Herman Mercury - Youthful guitarist, thief and eventually flies through the skies in a Lead Zeppelin of his own design delivering messages between the Eternals of the Sea, Eternals of Heaven’s Hills, and the Eternals of the Underland.  He loves greatly but never wins in love instead he guides others to love and through life.  Herman is strong and quick despite his portly appearance.  Herman dies trying to return through the back door to the overland while crossing the river Styx at the end of a lightning like railgun because Zed mistakes him for Haven.  The opera begins at his funeral.

Haven - Demon Lord of The Underland.  He generally receives souls to his realm and judges them through the gate at Akron, Oh.  He has abandoned his post to chase after the lovely Penelope.  He is cursed when in the mortal realm to drink the blood of the living, passing this curse on to them.  His Younger brother Zed believes he is doing this to raise an army against him.  Haven tries as he may to not bite, and hence curse, Penelope, he succumbs.  In her fear for becoming a vampire as well she takes a stake to her own heart. Haven uses his power over the dead to resurrect her but she has forgotten their love.  Soon they court and fall in love again and the cycle repeats.

Zed - Rules from a high airy tower at the top of Heaven’s Hills among the clouds.   He is afraid that his older brother wants what he has.  He sends Herman to force Haven to leave the mortal girl and abandon his death army who Zed hopes to claim for himself.   Haven is indifferent to Zed and only wants to love the girl Penelope.  There’s nowhere in heaven or sea or on the earth for his undead minions so he has Herman lead them, along with the now dead and soon to be resurrected Kora, across the River styx (The Back door) into the Underland while he leads Zed on a chase to the gate at Akron, OH.

Paul - Not seen in this story, He’s a sailor and the brother of Zed and Haven.  He is part of the reality TV show, “Try to catch as much crab as I do without dying you stupid mortals”

Diana - One of Herman’s many loves and the mother of his son Hermon.  She like the others leaves him and he vows to never love again.

Salma - Hermon’s teenage girlfriend and the two are highschool sweethearts.  No one believes their love is true but Herman, who encourages them to marry.

Hermon - The son of Herman and Diana and loves Salma.  see above.

Penelope - Love of Haven.  Thought to be the love child of Zed and Demi Moore.

Ok if people didn't think I was crazy before I'm sure they do now.

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