Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We ALL Need Support

I started to write this blog to get my feelings out and make sure I did it in a positive way by making it available for anyone to see.  Since then I have realized that the true healing has come from the many people who have posted to tell me how it helped them or that they had felt similar feelings.

When you're depressed, when your anxious and particularly when you have a Social Anxiety issue you world begins to shrink.  You stop doing things with other people and your support system slowly erodes so that when you need them  you feel that you have burnt the bridges between you and your friends and they can't be rebuilt.

I can't tell you how debilitating that can be when you, when all of us need each other so much.

I saw an article today that made me realize why it's so important to keep the friends close and rebuild those bridges every-time even if you think you have to start over.

I must admit that part of why this stood out to me so much was due to reading my sister in-laws blog this evening and it made me cry.  She is going through a rough patch but so much of what she said reminded me of times that I struggle.  I needed to read it.   She's a truly sweet and special person.

I hope I can figure out how to post this link.  It's about how we make friends.

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