Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Icky, obstruction, tissues

This is going to take a turn into icky, so wait to read this post until you're not eating.  When you are ill with the nasal ickies, you can become do backed up so gradually that you can't recall when or for how long you've been plugged in the nose.  It's very natural at this point to... thought I was trying to take this post to a nose picking joke.  No. 
It's natural to clear it.  You grab a tissue and with the force of the human lung power (which is a great force), we expell the offending ick.  Upon completion we close the disgusting  goo up to keep it away.  However, here's the icky, most people are curious and take a look.  We often even pause to realize the extent of what was obstructing us.  Many of this same group also seek out another close human bond to share this with.  Some of our human connections will look and marvel or ask that it be kept away.   Neither is truly judged.  The moment goes and we are able to start breathing and moving on. 
Sometimes we don't catch our own struggle with breathing until those same humans bring it to our attention., "Do you need a tissue?"  Or we might ask for one.  Still much of the process is there.
We grow things inside our minds and our hearts,  we have to get it out sometimes to breathe.  Sometimes others ask us if we're struggling.  Other times,  we take it to ask for help.  In the end we still often marvel at how bad it got.   How terrible it was inside.   We open up and seek out another human bond to share the digustorous goo with.  Some need to look, some don't.  Eventually, we move on.  But we don't ever keep or reuse the tissue.

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